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Reform UK is the only party determined to reopen London and commit to no more lockdowns, cut the Mayor’s wasteful spending and reboot London with tax cuts not tax rises.

Reform UK will require police to focus on preventing crime and catching criminals, not woke nonsense. We will stand up for our liberties, our freedom of speech and our incredible cultural heritage.

Richard Tice

Leader, Reform UK

Scrap the ULEZ extension

Support improvements to public transport while stopping the ward on motorists. Scrap the damaging ULEZ extension, as well as the Low Traffic Neighbourhood’s scheme.

More Police Officers, less Press Officers

Introduce intelligence-led stop and search and get more bobbies on the beat in their local communities to prevent crime, catch criminals and restore confidence.

Reopen London

We want a business-led recovery; small businesses are crucial for a quick bounceback. We want to offer support to those excluded from Government measures and will support a quick exit from Lockdown. We also want to take advantage of the opportunities of Brexit to maintain and improve London’s position in the International business community.

Save Our Culture

All Londoner from all backgrounds can be proud of what makes up our city. We need to understand and learn lessons from the past, not shy away from them. We will defend our statues and our heritage from Khan’s “woke warriors”.