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It's Time: From Brexit
to Reform UK

The Electoral Commission has approved our name change application to Reform UK with immediate effect. 

We are preparing for the many elections due to be held across the country in May 2021, in Wales, Scotland, English councils, London, metro mayoral elections as well as Police and Crime Commissioners. Please apply here.
Please join us and help us in the vital endeavour to Reform the way our country is run, managed and governed. If you can also donate to help fight these elections it will be very much appreciated. 

“This is great news and the perfect time in the New Year. The need for Reform is greater than ever as we try to recover from Covid. We have a huge opportunity as a nation post Brexit, but there are many areas of the UK that need real, bold reform: our economy, House of Lords, BBC, civil service, voting system to mention a few.” 

Nigel Farage
Leader of Reform UK

“The name change reflects what our country needs: Reform. Real change to benefit the people, to make our nation more successful. We must reform our approach to Covid, and reform the economy so that it incentivises the self-employed, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Faster growth for all will be achieved by reforming our approach to tax, unnecessary regulation and wasteful government spending.

Richard Tice
Chairman of Reform UK